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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Alicia Bailey, year 9, Grammar School

Syria. 2011. The world that wrapped around me appeared like hell; the grass no longer showing due to the torrential rain, bombs and shells attacking it through the day and night. Clouds closing in on me, threatening to suffocate me in their grim, grey state.
“And you know you can survive, so when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong...”
Singing seemed to be the only aspect of comfort, filling the loud, painful silence of the deserted war zone. As the song progressed, my voice began to sound more desperate and rapidly filled with fear. All the nerves in my body pleaded for me to stop. I put my hand inside my pocket and reached for my old crinkled photo. There she was. My mummy. I lost her to cancer when I was seven, but I’ll never really lose her. She was the one that kept me going and when she left I felt like I had lost everything. A tear rolled down my cheek. I turned it over. Through all the creases, I could still make out words she once wrote ‘if you ever feel lost, you’ll always find me where the stars shine.’
Reality crashed upon me. The dirt and soil began to mock me, slowly climbing higher up my trainers as I fought with all my might to stay out of it's clutches. Feeling my voice start to quiver from the overwhelming fear, I hoped for any kind of escape from this living nightmare, anything that would take me back to the life I once knew. My wish was soon granted, the only thing silencing me from my own comfort, was a single, deafening crack. I could feel death swallowing me whole, taking me to my final place of peace.

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