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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

My Inner Conflict

By Alex Simpson, year 9, Grammar School

My entire body felt immobilised. Even with the hundreds of emotions rushing through me none would step forwards and overtake to fill my body. My face showed nothing but a mundane, unimpressed expression of boredom when what it really should’ve shown.
Is sadness.

It felt like that car took an eternity to sail out of sight down the street, sound was dead, all that rung within my ears was an excruciating white noise. My vision was blurred by the flood of tears forcing their way out, no matter how hard I would try, they would find their way out at one point or another.

The day was perfect with bright clear skies and animals coexisting with our modern day neighbourhood. The trees were green and luscious, birds were singing, bees were buzzing, all my friends were out playing for once in what seemed like forever since we were younger. If I hadn’t been going through what I was going through I would have called that Mother Nature herself was rubbing in my pain.

My hearing was awoken by the howling sobs of my mother, I knew that I should’ve gone to her so we could help each other through. After all, she’s the one the police spoke to first, she’s the one who knew dad for longer than I ever did.

I was in my room as usual acting as if it was no other day, being unsuspecting of everything as per usual. That was until I went down to see the police giving her the news. As the officer turned to speak to clueless little me I had never seen a more reluctant face in my life.

I hated everything about this whole situation. It filled my head with so many hateful questions...

Why did he have to leave,
How did it happen to him,
What’s going to become of me and mum,
Would my life ever be the same,
And over the rest,
Why did he leave me just to fight somebody else’s war?...

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