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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Goodbye Mother

By Elise Woodgate, year 9, Grammar School

“If you’re being evacuated, please pack your bag. We leave tomorrow,” called the teacher.
School was over for the day, so I rambled home, through the blazing heat. I told my mother the news. The whole class was going to be evacuated tomorrow and we had to pack. Yet her face was not in shock, but instead emotionless, as if she already knew this.

The next day dawned way too quickly. I had no appetite for my breakfast as my stomach was already full of dread for what was to come today.

Whilst walking down to the harbour, fear filled me. What if I didn’t like where I was going? What if the people I stay with are mean? But the worst thought for me was how long would it be till I could see my mother again?

As we approached the harbour, I begged my mother to let me stay. I did not want to leave her. However she wanted me to get on the boat and sail away from her, for who knows how long. She pulled me by my hand and marched me down to the boat, but I was resisting. I was a stubborn dog refusing to go on a walk.

Rocking up and down, the boat floated, being pushed ever so gently by the waves. The view of Guernsey was perfect. It truly was the Gem of the Sea. I never really appreciated how beautiful Guernsey was until I was forced to leave

Smiling at me, she waved goodbye. The boat pulled away from the harbour. She became a faint figure in the distance; like a distant memory, she drifted away.

That was the last memory I had of my mother. Now I am alone. Fearing what is awaiting me in the days to come.

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