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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The War of the Worlds

By Matthew Brown, year 7, Elizabeth College

Suddenly, the dreaded sound of gun shots came to them and pierced at least half of the men’s hearts. The rest ran down the otherwise peaceful road in Germany. In fact, it was so peaceful you could hear a bullet fall out of a German’s hand. Until the next round of shots came…

We jumped through windows into an abandoned house and found a rug, which Fred thought was suspicious. He pulled the dust-covered rug to the side to find a trapdoor. He jumped down to see what was in there for the rest of us to hear his happy cries of joy. He was beckoning us in to come see the glorious thing that we could help ourselves to.

We jumped in without further hesitation, the last one among us tugging the mat across and shutting the trapdoor so the Germans would never know where we had gone. Just as he jumped down, we heard the Germans crash the door open and shout at the top of their voices.

“Wer ist hier? Wie du selbst!”

We were in the basement, accompanied by lots of food, bandages and guns. All a poor fighter could possibly ask for. We relished in glorious food and fruit whilst the Germans angrily cried and kicked down anything they saw.

Suddenly, the trapdoor got viciously wrenched open and grenades came raining down on us like hail. We ran around like headless chickens, death grabbing us one by one. The grenades were rapidly followed by the Germans coming in to finish any poor soldier that was left. That was the end of my platoon, my brethren.

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