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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Silent Train

By Rosie Morris, year 8, The Ladies’ College

All over the troubled train, silence fell like a blanket that muted everything it touched...

Hours before.

1940 Germany,
Cara, a small, quiet seven year old, concerned, not about herself but about her parents. To her, they were acting unusually, almost as if they were hiding something.
“Thinking about it, my family and friends are all acting strange. I guess I will find out… eventually.” muttered Cara, under her breath.
Recently, Cara had been given a golden star, although she wasn’t exactly sure what kind it was or what it was for. Maybe Daniel or Dominic?
Later that day, her mother and father spoke to her saying, “My dear, we are going to go away for a while.”
Her mother said, uncomfortably as if she was holding something back, “Don’t worry though! We are just going to Grandpapas for a bit. You are going to travel by train first.”
Cara was a bit confused by this, but accepted it, what else could she do? Why are they suddenly going to Grandpapas? Why would she be going first? All these questions wouldn’t be answered…
It turned out that Cara would be going later that day! The train was a small, old rattle trap and many people were crammed on (all with the same golden stars as Cara) and the train started. Cara managed to get seat, as she was very small, even for her age. The journey had been going on for about half an hour until, suddenly, the train stopped with a jolt. Everything stopped. Nothing could be heard. not until one of the doors opened. Cara heard a heavy-footed man board the train. Before she could even think, she heard the cock of a gun. What was about to happen? Only a scream could be heard…

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