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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

My new room

By Jamie Bacon, year 7, St Sampson’s School

I stepped off of the train. I was tired and worn out, and I was already missing my mum. “Don’t miss me too much,” mum had said when she dropped me off.

I met someone named Frank and he took me to my new home. When I walked inside I could see a nice table with nice cutlery laid out. Then I met the family I would be staying with. They were really polite and kind. They offered me a drink and a snack. Then they showed me up to my room. “We will leave you to get settled in,” said Frank.

It was amazing. I was shocked that the bed was clean and made with cosy sheets. It even had a cupboard that I could put my clothes in. Then I noticed they had left me a little gift on the bed. It was a card that read “We hope you enjoy your stay”, and there was a teddy. I went back downstairs and they served me some dinner.

After dinner they showed me around the house and showed me into the garden. It was very nice of them to let me stay. When the sun started to set it was finally time to get ready for bed. I went upstairs to my room and put on my pyjamas. I packed up my clothes ready for the next day. Then I went back downstairs to the bathroom. I started to brush my teeth, thinking about all the things that had happened that day and wondering what mum was doing back at home.

On my way back to my room I noticed there was a little door under the stairs. I opened the door and saw some stone stairs going down into the dark. Then I saw something shiny …..

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