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The boy who roamed the woods

By Violet Collenette, year 6, The Ladies’ College

It was on the day of 6 April 1951 that I was in the woods with Johnny, my best friend. We started playing tic tac toe with sticks on the brown dusty floor of the wood. The wood was very peculiar, it seemed light and cheerful for a time but then it turned dark and it seemed dead, like nothing was there except me and Johnny. Then we heard a snap of sticks and we both ran back towards the town hall but something made me go back to the sound. As I went back I could hear the shouts of Johnny then there was silence and then I heard the talking of a few foreign people. I decided after a long think to go and see if they were lost but as a came closer I saw they weren’t lost, they were defiantly placing something big and round in the ground. I realised they were Germans putting a bomb in the ground then I ran for my life.

I arrived home, forgetting about Johnny and where he might be, but I told my mother and then she spoke. “Honey I have some bad news for you, your father has gone to the army because if he did not he would be killed so I am so sorry but keep positive and just imagine he is there." With that I stormed back to the woods, forgetting about the bomb. I ran to the forest confused and sad, then there was a shout and I was knocked out. I woke up further in the woods with voices of the GERMANS! I suddenly got up and started running towards home. Two years later Dad came home, speechless about what he had seen during the war.

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