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Homeless at 11

By Matilda Shell, year 6, Amherst School

I woke up from an extremely disturbed sleep. It felt like I had been stabbed by the cobble.
“Get out of the house Matilda Shell,” My parents said,“ go be homeless on the streets.”
They didn’t even let me pick up my belongings, only the things I had on me including a tattered blanket and clothes. It’s been tough getting use to my new life; not being able to have three proper meals a day. I don’t care about my parents after what they’ve done to me. In anger, I nibbled my rotten sandwich and wondered if I ever would be able to get a proper, comfortable home.

Later that morning, I moved my little amount of belongings from the bakery to outside a baguette shop. I slowly moved away from my old home. As it was a rough night, I decided to have a nap. Without warning, I was woken by someone who was wearing the same sort of clothes as me. Why was she trying to give up. Slowly, I tilted my head up. It gave me a fright but I tried not to show it. A person, who looked the same as me, was kneeling in front of me. She gave me something? With no fear, the lady forwarded her hand. Inside it was an apple. Carefully and cautiously, I clutched the apple and pulled it to my chest. “Thank you,” I whispered, “Thanks alot.”

She had the same sort of problem. I would have a chat with her. I had a think of a few questions to ask her. After a few minutes, I went and kneeled beside her. The first question I asked her was “What’s your full name and how old are you?”
She answered “My name’s Matilda Shell, I am 54 years old”

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