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By Oliver Bloor, year 6, Elizabeth College

I walked out of school, it was a nice school, a private school that looked more like a manor house with a fountain in the middle of the playground. As I turned the corner to go home, three men appeared right in front of me holding guns. One of them was really short, another was tall with earrings that were very rusty the other was menacing with a scar on his forehead, he looked like the leader to me. I walked backwards, my arms in the air, questions raced through my mind, what did they want, who were they? One of them spoke in a dark-tone voice he asked: “Got any money?” Shivering with fear I managed to squeeze out a tiny, “No”.
“Search him,” the tallest man said. The other two didn’t hesitate to do this. However, five minutes later they had found nothing and had given up. “Run along then,” he said. I pounded home. Tears were now trickling down my face: I would live in fear of these men for the rest of my life.
I ran up to my bedroom.; I was in floods of tears as my Mum came up. She asked “What happened?” in a rather concerned voice. “I don’t feel safe here anymore”. I was petrified now, the men had seen where my house was they would never just go away.
I wiped away the tears from my face and slowly stood up and as I did this, the doorbell rang. Reluctantly I went to answer it. It was the men. They shoved me out the way on to the hard floor. I was dazed for a second but I could just make out them putting my mum and dads wallets in their ragged old bag and ran out the door…

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