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By Will Godfrey, year 6, Elizabeth College

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off as usual. Then all of a sudden there was someone knocking at the door. My Mum opened it expecting it to be a relative but as soon as we opened it we were wrong.
It was a gang of 5 strange people holding guns loaded and ready to fire. I gasped. As quick as a flash they grabbed my mum. We tried to chase them but we knew that they would either end up stealing us or shooting us. So we stopped and phoned the police to say what had happened.
They replied saying that they had been looking for a gang of 5 people who had already stolen 3 people from the same area. The police decided to call the government to warn them that there was a gang armed with guns around the area. They put it on national television and warned the whole country that they were on the loose.
I was chatting to my dad. “What do you think could have happened to mum?”
My dad replied, “I’m not sure but I hope nothing bad… I just hope that the police can find out where they are hiding.” An hour later the police had identified the gang. They were terrorists from a group called ISIS.
We were very worried about mum and all the other people who had been stolen by this horrible group of people. At 2:30 the police had found where they were hiding and they went in fully prepared for a fight. They went in and found no one there but they could hear screaming from below. They dug a hole down and there the poor people who had been stolen were, but they will never know where the gang went…

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