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By Alexa Annan, year 6, Elizabeth College

I wished, I wished for a better place to live, I wished for a better place to play. I wished to make my dream come true.
For a long time in my life I have wanted to have proper education, so I could make my dream true and become a teacher like my mother. My mother had been a true survivor, but not until an unpredicted action happened one day. My mother had gone to the local supermarket for a long time and I was really worried about her.
It turned 900 p.m. that day and I remember sitting next to the filthy wall, listening out for her to shout merrily, “I’m back sweetheart!” But I heard nothing, but the sound of the radio. Soon to my horror these words came out: “One woman has been found shot in a local supermarket holding two bags full of shopping.”
From those words I knew it was her, and since that I have always watched out for things happening around my area.
I felt confused as to why a person could think like that. I always thought of making a fight against those terrible people, who ruin people’s lives and make them worse. One morning I woke to the sound of bombs and gunshots coming towards our house, where people were screaming and shouting. I was trapped inside, there was nowhere to escape. If I went outside I would be risking my life and if I climbed out of the window I would be taking the same risk as well.
I stayed inside, lying still against the wall for the rest of that day. I was worried and scared and I felt weak. From that moment I have stayed cautious, and changed my wish and now it is to fight: but against war.

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