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By Jack Meerveld, year 6, Elizabeth College

My life was perfect until it all happened.
Every day I pray no harm may come to my family, as the war carries on, more die. Our father was taken away from us, leaving only my mother and my remaining brothers. We ran away from the city because of the war, and now we are hiding in the darkness of night, nowhere to call home. In the evening our poor mother has to go and find food and shelter for the night, and we are left alone, scared and worried in the silence thinking what will happen next? I loved to play outside with my friends and my family but now we are isolated in a dark cold cave, hiding from the outside world scared.
The next day three large men marched through the door. My mother was petrified. They were carrying guns and knives, we were trapped, the men ordered us to head back to the city or else they would shoot! Our mother was uncertain but she did. Soon we were back in the city and my brothers could hear gunshots and bombs exploding, we wondered what would happen if one landed on us, the thought was terrifying. Mother opened the door to see men shouting at her and shoving her back in, then she tripped and landed on the rock hard floor, she was unable to walk. Mother accidentally made a large hole in the floor and found a small narrow tunnel, it was just big enough for a child. We had to leave her: it was as heartbreaking as if I was shot in the chest, as she waved goodbye tears ran down my cheeks, but then I heard something strange, it was a bomb! It was heading straight for us and……

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