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By jacky marquis, year 6, Elizabeth College

It was March 1st 2018 when it hit, the first few seconds we could hear nothing but the whistle of the next one. Then Dad came rushing in with dust on him and said we must leave there already. Once we escaped the building we ran as fast as we could until we found a bunker to hide in. Me, my Mum and my Dad were really scared, we were nervous, afraid, anxious and more. Then we heard men with a rocket launcher. When they were gone we ran away as fast as we could. As we were running I had a feeling this was not the end and something horrible would happen to us.
When we got to the border there were people with guns eyeing us down every movement then they said we were not allowed across the border when under attack and we should go back. Mum had an argument with him, I just wanted everything to go back to normal instead of the war and feeling tense, worried and sick. At this moment I thought it could not get any worse but it did.
The man pointed a gun at my Mum and said, ‘Do not argue with me.’ At that moment I felt so sick. The guy said, ‘Run along boy, or else,’ so that’s what I did but I had a plan. When he stopped looking I would come back and hit him with a stick. It did not go as planned because a bomb dropped next to the border and blew up. I was going to cry but I knew I had to be strong so I searched for them. When I saw them I was filled with relief but I saw blood and then they fell to the ground and died.

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