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By Lucy Clarke, year 6, The Ladies’ College

Dad just told me that we’re moving to England! If that’s not bad enough, he’s told us that his new girlfriend’s coming too. I don’t know if I even like her, I didn’t like the last one.

I couldn’t sleep last night; kept thinking about the idea of moving! Surprisingly, I thought of one positive. Not many people get the chance to move half way across the world.

Dad showed us some pictures of different houses we might buy. I like one called Maison Roland but I doubt they’ll listen to me.

It’s just 9 days ‘til I have to leave all of my friends, it’s come too quickly! Dad left it really late to tell me that I would be leaving and then, 18 days before we left, he drops a bomb-shell and tells me his girlfriend is coming too. I’ve finally started to get used to her and I understand why dad needs her. I mean, who would want to be alone for the rest of their life!

Tomorrow’s the big day! I can’t believe it!

Dad’s girlfriend took me shopping for warm clothes because it’s very cold in England. We went to Café Arabia and started to talk about the things we would miss when we left. We talked and then talked some more. Then she said something that changed the way I looked at her. She told me that she could tell I was worried and that she was terrified of leaving her job, her friends, her home but she was hoping that she could be part of our family, if it was ok with me. All this time I thought it was because of her we were leaving. However, it turns out she was just as nervous as me about leaving.

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