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The Recreation Of Hell

By George Le Roux, year 6, Elizabeth College

Jake and I were frantically sprinting down our school corridor trying to get out of the line of fire of a big, horrid Nazi.
Jake screeched, “Get in here we can hide.”
We were both covered in sticky mud, soot and brown gritty dirt, also our clothes were torn – almost to shreds of brown fabric.
We quickly nipped into a cold, broken classroom of Beechwood Junior School, trying to speedily find a hiding spot so the Nazi won’t find us.
“I’m hiding behind the door!” I exclaimed.
“I’ll hide in cupboard,” added Jake.
The big loaf of human killing brains charged into the classroom and made himself very clear by shouting “COME OUT HERE RIGHT NOW YOU LITTLE RATS.”
Me and Jake were shivering so much like we were in the Arctic in summer clothes.
He slowly snooped around the room looking under every crack and crevice. Our hearts were beating so fast I think it could out pace a fighter jet. He finally found someone … Jake he picked him up and slumped him over his shoulder and trudged out of the room kicking the rubble lying on the floor.
I stood there wondering what would happen next, is this the end, or would hell just get more grim?
After about what felt like a long, horrific hour I made a move. I was trying to get to my – probably wrecked- house before those half a brain Nazis found me.
I ran across our school field, but by this time I felt like it had turned into a pig’s pen.
I whispered to myself, “I do sure hope this doesn’t go on for long” as I trudged across the muddy field. I couldn’t get to my house because there were Nazis ahead. So I waited … just waited.

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