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War Child

By Henry Roger, year 6, Elizabeth College

Alone we sit in a dark damp corner of my cellar. Me and my family silent, wondering which breath would be our last, every bomb seemed to get closer and closer! I just wanted a normal life and not be on the verge of death!
There is a park outside our front door which I have been eyeing up for quite a while now. But the best bit of being down in this hell hole is the air isn’t so sickening, I wanted to try and break the silence between my family but all I had to do was see their sad sorrowful faces and knew this wasn’t the time.
All the food and drink was nearly out and that sent a shiver down my spine, not the fact of not having food or drink but putting a family member at risk and they might not even get anything.
But as this was happening the dreaded words came out and my dad said, “I need to act now to get food and drink but you lot should all stay here.”
We all gave him the biggest hug knowing this could be our last good bye. With tears dripping down everyone’s face, he went on his mission for food and drink. We were all very shaken but ten minutes later he returned, but with no food and drink. He said, “I'll go again later tomorrow.”
So he did. He said the same emotional goodbye as before but this time he never returned.

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