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Bullets From The Sky

By Charlie Northmore, year 6, Elizabeth College

I woke to the sound of bombs crashing into the hard earth. Mum was by my side. I must have short term memory loss because I don’t know what on earth happened here. My mum gave me a hug and left. My vision was so blurry I couldn’t see but I got up anyway. There was a small boy along with a boy little bit taller than me. These bombs were loud, very loud. If I’m honest it took goodness knows how long to realise where I was and what was going on. Those bombs were from an enemy like no other, they were trying to kill us. Suddenly a bomb landed straight onto wherever I was and was blasted out of it. I thought I was actually going to lose my life. I made a run for it to a nearby shed and I dived for it. Just then, it was blew to pieces. These bombs were almost heading for me! Like I had a sign saying "blow me up" or something. I didn’t know where I was going, no shelters or anything like that, because the big ones were occupied by people with guns and I would last a heartbeat in there. To be honest, I could imagine what could in just a few seconds: death. I hid behind a wall, I started to think “why us, why me?” My head drooped. I woke with a jerk. It took me a minute to realise where I was and a sudden realisation that I was a dirty room with a bed with unwashed linen and a chair covered in blood soon hit me. I rubbed my head and it was covered in ink! A torture device I was now living in. These bombs were like bullets from the sky. Goodbye...

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