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By George Harris, year 6, Elizabeth College

I was walking home, on what I thought was an ordinary day, from school and then halfway through my walk I heard a strange sound. It sounded like sirens. At first it gave me a fright, I started to run home. By the time I got home my mum was in an ambulance. A tear came to my eye. My house had been bombed. I thought to myself where do I go? What do I do? At that very moment an idea popped into my head. I must run as fast as I could to my dad's office in town, so I did. By the time I arrived in town everyone was evacuating and yet I still had no idea what was happening.
Eventually I found my dad and I asked him, “What’s going on here, Dad?”
"We're being bombed,” replied my dad.
Then I asked, “Where do I stay and what do I do?”
“You will go to England and will be there until the war ends,” replied my dad!
“NEVER!” I shouted.
“YOU MUST!” he said. At that very moment my dad ran off to help with the army. Straight after I saw a boat sail into the harbour. I ran to the harbour wall and jumped off and very luckily landed in the tomatoes which were on the boat. The tomatoes were loaded onto the boat when I was talking to my dad. I hid myself under the cover and drifted off to safety and ate the tomatoes on the trip. Eventually I hit land and hid under the tomatoes. I was taken to a home as the tomatoes were food supplies and lived with a very nice family for the rest of the war. The food wasn't great but at least I lived!

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