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The Wish That Never Came True

By Hugo Le Clerc, year 6, Elizabeth College

“Don’t go!” I screamed
“I have to”
“Why are they taking you away from me” I know started to weep and whine hoping for a different outcome than I got. “Get here private”
“Yes sir” announced dad sternly. He kissed me on my forehead, kissed mum and tried to dash off but I wouldn’t let him go I loved him too much. I clung on and held as tight as I passable could my mum came and pulled me off. ”Nono! “ I screamed.
It had been a year now and still no word. I didn’t think he was coming back until one fateful evening .Knock! Knock! Knock! We were cautious to go to the door in case it was invaders but we heard his happy voice. I cried for joy. I had never been happier I rushed to the door to be overwhelmed with joy as my dad’s smiling face was there for the rest of the night, I wouldn’t let him out of my sight. A week went by before he had to go again but he said he would write this time. It was about a month later when we got a letter from him it was so nice to have something from him. It overwhelmed me with joy. It was so special to have. He said they were tried and scared but coming home soon. That ‘soon coming home soon ‘I wanted to believe it but I didn’t. The news was horrific thousands dead on a mission to push back the Germans, thousands were killed, blown to bits and to think he could be one. The next day a letter came he was blown up. It was way too much for me to deal with as an eight year old.

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