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bye bye father

By jack becker, year 6, Elizabeth College

I woke with a fright! Gunshots outside. I went to find my Dad to see what was going on. No-one was there, just a note. A tear dwelled in my eye. He was gone off to war! I rushed down to my sister’s room to tell them what had happened. They couldn’t believe what had happened. We were not sure if we were ever going to see my Dad again.

Suddenly a bomb went off outside. We had to hide. There were German solders everywhere. If we got spotted we would probably be one of their prisoners of war. We were all in tears.

Our dad was probably gone forever. We all wanted to go find him but his letter clearly said hide till this war is over! So we hid in the basement for over a day. We were running out of food so we prayed it would be over soon. All night we heard whimpers, screams and gun fire. That night I wondered would I ever see my father again.

We all wanted to go out and play but we knew we couldn’t. Suddenly in the dead of the night it went silent. I was thinking it was our chance to get away from this mess. My sisters thought I was out of my mind, but we were hungry and cold but then at that exact moment there was a bomb followed by excruciating screams from outside. We had to get out of there. We all agreed on it so we ran as far as we could but we never saw our dad again.

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