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The Stepsister

By Theone Hlapane , year 6, Amherst School

It was my first day going into secondary school, I was really excited. I was the new girl there and I didn’t know anyone. But there was this one girl that really did not like me...

I could hear whispers and laughter and the names they called me was heartbreaking. I loved school so much but I always come home crying. I try not to worry about it but it always get stuck in my head. She’s called Jessica: the meanest person that you can think of.

My parents always go into meetings about this but they don’t know what it’s like, being shoved into trees and being followed all the way home. It’s always makes me worried. They are only doing this to me because they want to win the school election. So them bullying me is going to make them think that I am going to drop out. They call me big boned, large and many more. I just walk away and ignore it but it hunts me down like I am their next victim.
I work with Jessica in science. She once almost burned down the science room and blamed it on me, so I had to go to detention. Also Jessica threatened me ‘that if you ever tell, then you will be sorry’.

My Nan bought me makeup for my birthday and I really liked it. There where shimmering, gold eye shadow and pale powder.
I wore it to school the next day, and everybody liked it.
‘Ewe what is that on your face, I don’t need makeup to make myself pretty’
My heart stopped beating and sounds in my head paused.
When I got home my mum and dad said that they were getting married.Then I saw Jessica come down stairs ,
‘Jessica is your stepsister’...

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