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The Radio

By Corey Levins, year 6, Amherst School

Waking up is hard. Very hard. Especially when Germans have occupied your home.You just want to curl up in a ball and forget it's happening. One morning I woke up eating my porridge when my mum told me to deliver the radio to my gran because she wanted to listen to it. You aren't allowed radios so every time a German came into our house we hid it in our attic in a box so they can't find it. So I went to deliver it to my gran.
A German saw me with the package and told me to show him what was in it. I said it was food but he wanted for me to prove it. Shaking, I ran. Back through the forest to my house. Slamming and locking the door, I went to tell my mum. She said to stay in the house and don't go out.It had been half an hour and we thought we were out woods until someone knocked on the door. We opened it and it was the German. He took my mum to a camp also took the radio.Now I was on my own with nothing. My mum was gone.The German took our house and now I was on the street. Lying on the pavement I remembered my gran. I can go and live with her. So I sprinted to her and told her everything. She said 'It's ok' and I can live with her. I just hope I can see my mum again. Five years had passed and people had started to come back. My mum had to be on one of them. And she was. As she got of the boat I gave her the biggest hug in the world and said, “I love you mum”.

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