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By Chloe Brache, year 6, Amherst School

“We want your house, get out!” shouted the German Officer. I heard my Mum crying from my parents room. I hid under the bed with a blanket. My parents rushed their packing downstairs. I wanted to come out from my hiding place. My parents started to trudge up the stairs but the German grabbed their arms and pushed them out.

I crept out of my hiding place and looked in the mirror; my skin was pale like a ghost, my eyes were watering, a tear fell down my cheek. I was scared, I was alone, I was trapped with German officers! I don't want get caught but I have to find Mum & Dad somehow? My stomach rumbled, rumbled and rumbled. “I’m so hungry.” How should I eat?

I tiptoed out my parents bedroom, and out on the staircase landing, heard the Germans talking to each other, when I quietly walked down the stairs.The kitchen was right across from the living room. "How can I get across without being seen I thought?" I knock on the door from the inside but the Germans raced to the door when I hid by the stairs.Meanwhile they were looking for the person that knocked. I was helping myself to food (it’s supposed to be for the Germans.) "He’s gone let’s just go," I heard from outside. Quickly I ran upstairs.

Over time I would be in my parents' room, stealing the Germans' food and secrets,information.One night a German came upstairs; the foot prints got louder…. The German saw me; he grabbed me by my shirt. I tickled his arm and then I pretended to go the other way, but I ran downstairs opened the door. I was safe but I was the only one left.

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