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By Amber Kerr, year 6, Amherst School

I woke up, my alarm had gone, mum was calling me for breakfast and as usual my brother was texting his friends. Probably because he wants to go out with them. Today I was especially excited because I was going to a water park. Soon we were ready to go. Then just as we got back my brother asked my mum whether he could go out to town. Obviously my mum said yes but then again she always says “be careful!” I think my mum is just over protective?
The next day I woke up super early so that I don’t miss my brother to ask him whether I could go with him to town. He said no with a firm voice. Luckily, me and my mum were going to town as well as my brother. Me and my mum went into the computer store to get a sim card for some reason it wasn’t like we were getting a new phone. My brother was on his Xbox by the time we got home so I kept nagging him that it was my turn on the Xbox.
Mum suddenly came upstairs and burst into the room to ask what the noise was about. Eventually I was playing on the Xbox. The next day my brother was in a mood and I wasn’t helping. Then my brother went on the Xbox for the whole morning although in the afternoon it was my turn. I was looking forward to it. In the afternoon my brother was on the Xbox and was still moody so I said it was my turn and he stood up picked me up and through me out the window. My mum came rushing and said you're not dead but you're a robot and gave me a sim card.

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