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The Argument

By Ashton Griva, year 6, Amherst School

“GOAL!” I screeched into the microphone at the top of my of my lungs. “OK. So you beat me once."
“No Tom, you're just jealous.”
“Am not!”
“Yes, mum?”
“Tidy your room.”
“Oh fine, bye Tom”
I turned off my playstation and sat up on my pillow whilst flicking through Instagram. I could the daunting sound of steps approaching my room. In an instant I could see my mum at the foot of my bed.
“Really” was written all over her.
I said, "Not now mum.”
“Pumpkin, c’mon now.”
“Not now!” I said as I started to grit my teeth.
“But I did.”
“Mum! Why can’t you ever leave me alone!” Mum started to tremble.
Suddenly, I could hear the squeaking of boots. It was dad: he was not a happy bunny. “Grounded!”

I knew I was in deep, deep, deep trouble now. I couldn’t go on my Playstation for a month! That was practically my lifestyle! One day of absolute, never ending struggle later, my friends had invited me to the new water park across the block. Their specific instructions were “Meet us at Sunny Sensation at 10 p.m.” I had to sneak out…

I got my basketball, Mum’s wig and a 12 hour video of a man snoring (don’t ask). My clone was complete! I took one final glance and to be honest, it didn’t look great but hey, it works in the movies! Right? When I arrived no one was there, nothing.

All of a sudden I woke up in a hospital bed; noises were surrounding me. My parents were told something, “He was out at Sunny Sensation and the anonymous killer ‘the ghost’ had trailed him. Our autopsy shows he his missing a kidney and spleen. He only has one day to live…”

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