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The Nagasaki Bomb

By Harry Heaume, year 6, Amherst School

I remember the day, the sounds when my family's house was bombed. The sounds of terror filled the air. The sight of my family lying down, lifeless. I said to myself I have to go, I don't want to be next.
I got my rucksack and ran away as far as my legs could go. Our house was one of many that had been destroyed. I ran down a dark alley which lead me to a open street where a old man sat on his front door step with a scruffy dog .There was a dark sheltered corner in the street where I could sleep. It was dark now so decided to get some sleep. That night was dreadful, however when I woke up, the old man was at his front door step with his scruffy dog.
The old man came over to me and said, "Would you like something to eat?"
So I said "Yes" and followed him into his old house. He gave me some cookies and a cup of water. I sat down on a old broken sofa. He told me I could sleep here tonight. That night was my best night ever, oddly enough.
The next morning the old man gave me breakfast in bed. He gave me a sort of soup I guess.
Later that day for some reason, he told me to get out now. So I did as I was told and got out of the house and went back to my corner. It started to get dark and I heard a low groaning sound and the a large object landed on the old man's house. A sudden scream could be heard, it sounded like my parents scream. The house was destroyed and a lifeless body lay on the floor just like my parents were.

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