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The Worst Battle of my Life

By Braelen Falla, year 6, Vauvert School

Dear Diary,
Midnight, Monda ,1940. Last night was horrific when the German fights flew over the channel and then London. I think they were finding the best place to bomb. I thought they were the bombers, Messerschmitt also the Dornier DO 215 as well as the piston fighter. Anyway I better get some sleep.
6.00 a.m., Tuesday, BOOM!! I’ve just woken up to this deafening sound of bombs dropping like bolts of lightning striking the ground.
Sergeant Mike just called me and bellowed, ‘’ GET DOWN TO THE AIRBASE NOW!’’
I jumped onto my bike and rode as if a lion was chasing me down the road . I finally arrived at the airbase and Mike showed me to my Spitfire, which indeed was brand new and then, suddenly, I took off like a hawk.
Whilst I was in mid-air, I saw a Messerschmitt bomber.
There were about ten thousand German fighters against fifteen thousand English fighters. I managed to take down one of the Messerschmitts with my machine guns but then … KABOOM !! I was hit on the right wing by a piston fighter, my plane was spiralling down to the ground like a rifle bullet.
Like a bolt of lightning, I ejected from the plane WHOOSH up in the air I go, my parachute deployed and like a feather I landed on the ground . I glanced up to the sky with horror. There were planes crashed everywhere, as well as dead bodies .
I ran back to the airbase to get into another Spitfire and took off all over again.

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