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Game Changer

By Ralph Humphries, year 5, Elizabeth College

Hi I’m Rob. One ordinary day, I’m in a house with my mum, dad and sister. But a few years ago it all changed…
It was a start of a war and it was freaking me out. I didn’t know what was going on so I just stayed quiet. And then I heard the door slam open and some strange person said, ”Hey kid, you gotta go somewhere, your parents are in hospital, long story.” I just wanted to cry. “There’s a 25% chance of them living so you’re going to a refugee camp.” I just wanted to cry more.
When they were taking me, I heard bombs and gunshots everywhere. I just stayed quiet until someone right in front of me got shot and there was blood everywhere.
The guy taking me said, ”I'm leaving you here,” but because I’m super-fast I caught up and kicked him and he fell over. I didn’t want to look back but I did and I saw blood. Once I got to safety I didn’t know anyone. I thought they were all dead.
When we finally left I was on a different island and had a different family. They didn’t feed me, though, but they fed me disgusting shepherd’s pie which I don’t like. They also fed me liquorice sweets. The years went past and they still fed me the same thing. One day I asked for something different but they just gave me cashew nuts. It had been 6 whole years and the war was over!!! And they had found my family!!!
After one whole month [that was really long] I was back with my family!!! I just wanted to cry so so soooo much. [Of happiness obvs].I was with my family, and it was the best day of my life. I am so happy!!! [Awesome, yeah!!!].

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