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My Grandad's Story

By Darius Larkin, year 6, Vauvert School

“Mum where have Anne and Val gone?” I asked.
“Oh they’ve gone to school to get some apples for the weekend from the school apple tree. They’ll be back soon,” she told me.
“Oh, OK, that's fine. I’m just going out to see my friends in the back yard to play a bit of football and maybe yo-yos to see who can keep it for the longest amount of time,” I told her.

Dear diary,
Today is the 23rd of January 1943. Today there has been another bombing raid in London and Manchester and many more search planes have been shot down by the Germans, but here in Folkestone everything is fine. I’ve got to go now because my mum is going to pick up Harvey and Darius so that we can go and play with them in our field. For tea I had fresh chicken with eggs .

Dear diary,
Today is the 24th January 1943. Today for breakfast the chickens had laid six more eggs, so we had chicken sandwiches from yesterday and one egg each. I had mine boiled.
Now I’m going out with my friends to play football in our yard, but first I have to dig up carrots, potatoes, turnips, pick some apples and tomatoes for dinner tonight because we are having a party with all my relatives.

Dear diary,
Today is the 25th January 1943. Today we are a bit tired because we went to bed at around three in the morning and woke up at around seven thirty to do our daily chores, especially me. My chore for today was to go get a couple of eggs and apples for dessert. Now I’m going to my friend’s house to play football, Frisbee and maybe even watch a film.

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