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World War 1

By Eleanor Crocker, year 6, Vauvert School

“HELP”, I ran as quickly as I could, I fell down to muddy ground, A plane was falling catastrophically through the fresh morning sky. Afterwards an ear-piercing bomb fell from the moonlight sky. My mother was horrified , we didn’t speak till the morning began. My friend didn’t survive; she was making a cup of tea and died slowly. Eventually we all found out that was the beginning of WW2. Also my family all stayed calm but I wasn’t calm; I was panicking inside my heart. I knew my mother was too, after my father had to go fight in WW2.
After a week of being trapped inside, I was hungry as well as heartbroken that my father had gone and I may not see him for years or he might not even come home. I kept my thoughts in my head so I didn’t say anything. BANG! It went dark and suddenly my heart was racing. I’m so upset that I have to be a part of this WW1. I hope it will all be over; furthermore my family thinks it will last years. I was too down to respond. As an English plane fell forcefully to the ground, I soon found out my father was on the plane. I was devastated to find out that was my father died: we had so many cheerful moments.
A year later, I am now 12. I’m now frightened, upset and so many more things. My mother has just about coped that my father has died on a English plane. We were all shook up after that. On a Monday my mum and I would go to get milk, eggs, flour; we were on a simple diet November 11th 1918.
In conclusion the world war lasted a 100 years on November 11th 1918.

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