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Falling to Pieces

By Emma Holt, year 6, Vauvert School

“I said no!”
“-I’m staying here; you can’t stop me.”
“It’s dangerous here-you could get killed.”
“I. Don’t. Care.” I declared stubbornly, “I refuse to be evacuated.”
My mum shot up to her room then, with tears in her vivid eyes, she’ll probably try to think of some mad scheme to get me to change my mind. It won’t work. It never does.
When I wake up the next morning, something feels strange, empty. My mum finally stopped trying to persuade me to change my mind last night (evacuation) but retired to her room in tears. I felt awful, I had half a mind to just leave, however, I might never see my mum again if I do!
Suddenly, I hear a horrendous crash and I rush to my window, my heart in my mouth, fearing the worst; that our house has been bombed. But then, when I see the house next door going up in flames; I hear my mum heave a huge sigh of relief; I look at her in surprise.
“Why are you grinning, we might’ve been blown up!” , I snap crossly.
“I’m sorry Flo, it’s just the relief that it’s not us, that it’s not our turn.”
“ What do you mean, we’ll never get bombed, there are millions of houses here, someone else will get bombed before we do,” I say, relief flooding my body like the waves of the sea.
“Florence Waterhouse, you listen to me before it’s too late. Don’t think we’re excluded because there are millions of houses here. We’ll get bombed and sooner than you think!” I hear my mum yell in a mad frenzy.
Just then, we hear a horrific crash. Made. By. A .Bomb. Suddenly the world spins rapidly out of control. Everything goes black…

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