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The Sad Times

By Boris Bousfield, year 5, Elizabeth College

The siren went when we were leaving on the train. Me and my brother were happy and sad. We were sad because we had to leave our home behind. The happy thing was my parents were coming with us. Me and my brother Riley were in tons of tears but our parents helped us. We’re lucky to escape our village in time because behind us were the bombers, blowing up our lovely town.
Me and my brother got more sad when we saw our home blow up. We didn’t do anything but hug our parents. On the way we saw smoke and blown up houses. All I did was fall asleep to forget. That awful disaster. Suddenly I woke up by an awful screech! We had arrived. I was still a bit sad but at least I was with my parents and brother.
We were in the middle of England waiting for our ride.
"Here it comes!" shouted Riley.
We were taken to a house the size of ours. We walked in. There was a man called Jack Wood and his wife Mrs Wood. They showed us around the house. Our bedroom was huge with three beds for all of us! We turned the TV on we saw our home town on the news showing the destruction. I wonder when this will be over
The next day we went outside and played football and hide and seek. We had loads of fun and completely forgot about the war. Days went past. I knew wars were long, I thought this war would be one year but it wasn’t. Every time news came out I’d read all of it.
"I just wish the war was over," I whispered.
Suddenly bang! A German plane had crash landed. Then a figure stepped out.

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