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Sudden War

By Eva Bourgaize, year 6, Vauvert School

CRASH! On a Tuesday moonlit morning in Guernsey 1932, noises were echoing all around the island, children were screaming in fear, shouting, crying, the air- raid sirens are going off all over the place. My heart melted to hear all those noises and to hear gun shots really hurt me. Planes fell, bombs dropped, people collapsed to the ground, I hope everyone is ok!
My dad is fighting for me and my mum, and everyone else of course. He is getting a little weak now, so I hope he can put up with fighting to save our island. It began to get quieter, "Are they close? Are they trying to sneak up on me?" It then became louder, and louder, and louder! I hid under my bed, I closed my curtains, I shut my door… I heard muttering from outside. This was a disaster! "What shall I do? Shall I go outside?"
It's past five months now and it is still going on. Now there is uncontrollable screaming from children and adults. "How long will this last for? I haven’t seen my mum for a long time, is she alive?" I haven’t seen my dad at all for the last five months; I’m not sure if he can do it. More bombs are coming towards us; "can I live?" I do have a shelter at my house but it is very hard to get to because it makes a lot of noise and I don’t want the army outside to know where I am. My shelter is a hidden room just outside my bedroom when both me and my family can easily get to. I’m worried, afraid and most of all, scared about my family.
My family is gone, but they will still stay with me with all my heart…

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