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Scared to the Limit

By Finn Simon, year 6, Vauvert School

In January 1940, German forces landed on Guernsey. There was frantic screaming, bullets going through windows and Germans planting smoke grenades all around. Mum and Dad were sadly shot by the bullets from their guns slicing through doors and windows. Me and Elliot were grieving, we didn’t know what to do. We tried to save them, it was too late. Now there are Germans downstairs trying to find more people to use as hostage so families will come out for their fellow siblings or parents.
At the moment, me and Elliot are scared to the limit, hoping these nasty people don’t find us. We took a peek out of our attic. There were dead bodies everywhere. It was a stormy day, no one around to help, in the attic, no parents. Just me and Elliot, hiding for our lives. Day by day me and my hopeless little brother starving to death, watching poor hopeless people who don’t have anything to live for anymore. Why are they doing to this to people?
5th January 1940. Me and Elliot want to go downstairs to get our belongings and all the food from the cupboards, so we don’t starve. We hoped Germans weren’t downstairs in the basement.
Two hours later, there were Germans in the basement. It was ok because they were asleep and they didn’t hear a sound. We got all the food and our family pictures, but when we went downstairs we found our pet parrot, Jimmy. Suddenly, a Nazi smashed the door down and marched down the stairs to the basement. We were hiding under a bed. Thank god the German didn’t see us. Now he have our other friend to keep us company. We are sitting in the attic hiding, scared to the limit.

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