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My Father's War

By Hannah Livestro, year 6, Vauvert School

In the beginning, the 21st of September 1941 to be exact, we were all sitting around the table. There was an eerie silence. The clock struck ten; shortly after the siren began."Let’s go!" snapped my mother. It was happening again…
My brother was laughing; how could he laugh at a time like this? I was sure he knew of the danger that was lurking above him. The Germans ready to ruin our lives again. Could they just stop? Leave people to live long, happy lives? It hurt to know the truth: ”This war may never end!” whined my mother. “Yes it will, mother. Don’t be so down.” My brother uses this phrase very often. “Something will turn up.” I find it hard to believe him. I know I should be positive, but this war has been going on for 2 years! I can’t be hopeful for very much longer…
It does not help that my father has gone away to fight. He left last year on the 24th of January. I can remember it so clearly. My mother talking to my father. “You only live once Winston so don’t ruin it!” “I won’t!” laughed my father. That was his way of dealing with everything, to laugh it off. I guess my brother takes after him. I have to admit having been away from him for one whole year the only thing I remember him by is his laugh. It comforts me.
But soon everything comes flooding back to me. The war. The fact that my dear father is out there putting his life on the line for us. It makes me so upset to think that he is fighting death.
I just wish he would come home. He has a family. This war needs to stop! Please, just please.

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