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War in Dublin

By Harry Johnson, year 6, Vauvert School

When you’re awoken at the crack of dawn you know it cannot be good! It wasn’t my shift for three hours! It was only 5:00! I immediately knew something was wrong. I was in Dublin, Ireland, working for the British Army, and as I stood up and stretched Sergeant Alfred called me over.
He was looking a mix of anger and sadness. He told me everything. It was about my best friend Max Carpenter, “Max is dead.” “DEAD!” I exclaimed. He nodded solemnly. It was true he had died a short quick death. He had gone out way too far and he was blown up by a landmine sitting in the ground. He woke everyone up and they were all told the sorrowful news. I was the only one crying but deep down everyone was. We set off early in an attempt to catch them off guard but it was hot and after a while we slumped down under a shaded palm tree. There we had a drink and set off again. But very quickly we found them…
We set up and they were all ready. They opened fire and the bullets rocketed towards us, we took cover behind trees, bushes, piles of dirt and sand and so did they as we opened fire. I could hear a few people dropping down. Ear-piercing screams ringing in my ears and I couldn’t cope any longer, I fainted.
I could hear my people shouting but we carried on knocking lots down. Us Nazis were doing very well. Suddenly they threw a bomb, I jumped out of the way but almost everyone else wasn’t so lucky. There was a deafening BANG! WE were going to lose. Those were my last words before I was shot and we all went down. We had lost.

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