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Andrew's Story

By Louis Day, year 5, Elizabeth College

Today is the day I move to England. The bombs were raining down, Dad was fighting for Britain. Mum had to stay in here for her job because it was good money. We don’t know where we are going but we do know we are going somewhere in England, far away. It was nearly time to go to the harbour to get on the boat wich would take us to England. When we got to the ferry me and my brother Jim found out that we would be separated at our houses in England .We were both gutted because we were best friends and we always stayed together. We were on different ships and going to different places. I was going north and Jim was going south. We had our final byes and we were gone off on our big adventure. When I got there they said we had to get in the back of a van and then we went to the train station and went to the very top of England. When I got there the people I was staying with got in a car and drove to the the house where we were staying. When we got there we met the housemaster and got settled into our house. Three years later I was eighteen and Jim was fifteen. Finally our housemaster said I could go and look for Jim. So I and my room neighbour planned a search party to go and look for Jim. We finally found him far away.” Do you know were mum is?” I asked him. "She came here the other day and said she was coming to look for you. Oh no!” said Jim So we came out of town and decided to go shopping. We did and found her in the shop and decided to live with her again. And stay with her in England.

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