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By Emile Le Compte, year 6, La Houguette School

Emile and his mum went to the coast to see if they could see any ships. They sat on a rock and watched, they watched and watched and suddenly a dark grey German Navy ship came into sight.

Emile and his mum ran home to see three German soldiers stood at the door. They had rifles on their backs. As Emile approached the German soldiers they spoke in their bad English: “Search the house we may!” exclaimed the tallest soldier. “NO!” Emile shouted.
“Me shot you!” the soldier on the left roared.
“Fine, search the house!” Emile screamed. As the German soldiers walked in Emile commanded his mum to go around the back of the house. Without question she ran around the back of the house. Emile, being a good climber, climbed up the house with stones in his pockets. He sat on the roof. He dared not move. To his surprise he sat there for a while or what felt like forever. Then suddenly the roof shuddered. Emile rolled over, he had forgotten to take the stones out of his pocket, he stuffed his hands in his pockets. They were not there. In panic Emile looked around, to his relief he saw the stones were in the gutter. He put his ear to the roof and heard, “I think I found something, let me see.”

Someone else said, “It’s a crystal radio!” Then the soldiers walked out of the room. Moments later the soldiers were out of the door shouting, "Where are you?" Emile hurled a stone at the soldier with no helmet. He fell to the ground with a thud. The other two looked up and boomed, “There you are!” Emile hurled the last two stones at the soldiers' faces and they fell to the ground with a thud.


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