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Conflict in the war

By Zachary Gilman, year 6, La Houguette School

So I wasn’t feeling great at the time, but at least I ate a bit. Anyway it was a nightmare. I had to sleep on wet and dirty straw YUCK! I hated it. I got absolutely no sleep and basically no food! It was the worst year ever. For me, my Mum and Dad were nowhere near me, all I had was my carer who never actually cared for me so I guess why is she a carer Two days later the blitz sirens went off. This the scariest day of my life, I hid in the house with Sam and Collin and my carer they were as frightened as me.
Wednesday 24th June 1942. I started school today, I was hoping to find a friend, a nice friend that shared the same interests as me, but I couldn’t find one so all of that day playing on my own. When I left school, some bullies picked me up and took me to the playground, they pushed me around onto the hard floor. I ran away crying. I lay on the wet and dirty straw hugging my picture of my family. Then it was tea time, Sam and Collin laughed. I ignored them and ate my rabbit stew. As I was walking back, Sam and Collin pushed me to the ground and called me names and they walked inside for supper. Three years later, it was the same all over again. I got bullied nearly every day by Sam, Collin and the bullies at school hated it. I can’t believe it’s gone 1945 already ! Britain are starting to win the radio says. Three days later Winston churchill says “Germany are accepting defeat.” On 9th May 1945 Germany surrendered and Britain was free from war, Britain was victorious once again .

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