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Alysa's War

By Rory Clarke, year 5, Elizabeth College

My name is Alysa, I live in Syria, I am at school having fun on the playground playing football with all my friends. It was time to go to maths when I can suddenly hear penetrating sirens. I look up and see planes zooming across the playground. Our teachers are telling us to get undercover but everyone was too busy running around screaming.

Then vans rolled up into a parking space. Two men jumped out the vans, opened the back. They told us to get in the back in an orderly fashion, quickly! We all got in, and from there on it was scary. All I could hear was the booming bombs.

Two hours later I was on a train to Jordan. I will miss my family so much. I am only getting one meal a day, I’m going to be hungry! I’m going to a family called the Rodgers. I am so excited but I am also scared, what if they are so mean? What if they didn’t eat what I like? What if they didn’t like me? Well anyway, at least it’s a roof over my noggin and a place to sleep.

After a four hours' train ride I got off the train to meet my family I will live with. The family looks nice, the members of the family where called Tom, who was fifteen, a father a mother and a daughter who was two. We just got home and it was huge! The first thing I did was explore! Today was the first day of school. At playtime it was better then expected! We played football and they gave me nice compliments. I really miss my mum and dad. I really had to man up now and move on to the next hard and challenging problems! Thank you!

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