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Horrified Harmony

By Holly Le Poidevin, year 6, La Houguette School

Little did Harmony know she was packing her bags ready to be evacuated because her mum Stephanie knew she was afraid of war so she said she to her that she was going on holiday to her nan's. Stephanie decided to take her to the train and tell her that she would meet her. There she was trying to keep her tears in but one dropped and Harmony said, “Why are you crying, mum?” Stephanie responded fast, “Quick you will miss the train.” Harmony was really confused because last time she went to see her nan she went on a boat. She went on the train, she was worrying, it didn’t feel right, it was strange. She didn’t stay on there for long, before the train started to leave she jumped off and ran to her mum. “I’m not going to nan's am I, I don’t know where I’m going but I know it’s not nan's, I’M NOT LEAVING,” Harmony said with mixed emotions.

Her mum thought about whether it would be dangerous where they lived and luckily they lived in quite a safe place, the only reason her mum sent her was because she panicked. So Stephanie decided to keep Harmony at home. “ Sorry Darling I was panicking,” her mum said.
“It's ok I know you were trying to do it for my own good,” answered Harmony.

They went back to their house seeing somebody knocking on the door. “Oh hello, here you go you need to take care of this boy, William, until the war has ended,” the billeting officer told them.
“Ok we can play together!” Harmony screeched in excitement.

The family tried to make him feel as welcome as they could, still no happiness. They wondered what they should do. What do you think they did?

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