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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Conflict story

By Isaac Luff, year 6, La Houguette School

David wasn’t sure about his new carer because when the billeting officer came it was clear that he didn’t want him. David was scared. He didn’t trust his carer. He thought he would do something to him. So in the morning David waited for his carer to go out like he normally did leaving David at home. Once his carer had left and it had been a few minutes, David sneaked out the back of the house and ran not even knowing where he was heading.
After running for a while David stopped on a pavement for a rest. As people walked by David begged for any sort of food. One person gave him a piece of bread but nobody else gave him anything. Once David had got some strength back, the same billeting officer walked by that brought him to his carer. At first it didn’t look like she noticed David but as she got closer you could tell she did. She came right up to David and grabbed him by the arm. She walked David up to a house, a better looking house than where David went at first.
Once the billeting officer had gone, David and his carer started speaking to each other and got to know more about them like his new carer was Ann and she liked children a lot. David was happy to stay with Ann till the war ended. Ann and David spent most of the time playing games while the war was going on but as the war got to the end David was excited to see his mum. David heard on the radio Winston Churchill saying that Germany surrendered and that the war was over.
After a few days his mum came and David and his mum went back home together.

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