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Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Escaper Caper

By Kerys Maindonald, year 6, La Houguette School

“Mickey, you’re so funny,” Emma said as she frantically waved a stick around. Mickey suddenly stopped playing and growled.
“What’s up Mickey?” Emma whispered, as her mum came in and looked for her. She left assuming, Emma was somewhere else.
“I’ll never be evacuated. NEVER!” Emma whispered.
Suddenly, Mickey bit her arm.
”Ow!” Emma said, as she got out from under the bed.” What did you do that fo .."
Suddenly, came the sound of ear piercing pain of thousands screaming in terror. The Air Raid Siren.
Emma sprinted catastrophically down the stairs tripping over herself. She grabbed her suitcase and darted straight out of the door with her mum Jean, her dad Mike, her sister Jess and her brother Alex. Emma watched as the cream walls were about to burn when suddenly she had a shiver, a shiver of something precious forgotten, when she realized:
”Oh God.”
She raced as fast as she could back to the house, knowing what she had forgotten.
Emma soon got up to her bedroom shouting and screaming. ”Mickey! Mickey!” Emma knew that Mickey was going to come to her in a flash and Mickey rushed out from under the bed and jumped into Emma’s arms. She ran as fast as she possibly could with Mickey out of the house but by the time they got out of the house, her family had already gone. Emma stopped. There was no point trying to run, she knew it was over. The bomb was coming directly down at her. She saw an Anderson shelter.
”We could survive!” Emma exclaimed in hyper excitement.
Emma ran until she could run no more. She dashed into the shelter and shut the door as tight as she could until “BOOM!” But Emma was OK. The shelter had been just far enough away to stop it from killing her.

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