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By Jay Allsopp, year 6, La Houguette School

I had arrived at their house in Devon. They gave me a hot chocolate to warm me up, as it was a freezing day. I explained that the boat was so small for the amount of people on it, so we were squashed. They were around fifty years old and were very kind and thoughtful. Days went on as we played board games and had a nice time. I remember playing hide and seek with them; they took like, one hour to find me. It was funny.
Exactly two years from this day, the man (which I now called Dad ) felt very ill and went to hospital. We found out Dad had a rare disease which was going to kill him someday . Suddenly the next day he died. After this Mum got very sad, depressed. She started making me do jobs dawn till dusk. We never played board games or hide and seek any more. She would just listen to the radio. The radio would say that bombs landed at London. She would do nothing but sigh and turn the radio off and read her book. I was going to run away soon. I planned until I found the perfect day; tomorrow.
I ran away to the billeting officer and told her I had no owner. She looked at me like she recognized me then shrugged her shoulders. The next person inline was MUM! This time my real Mum. We ran up to each other and hugged. She took me home and I was having more fun than ever; we were back to hide and seek and board games. She told me dad died in the war and she came so she would be safe. I told her how the man died and I was getting unfairly treated.

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