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The Coventry Blitz

By Harry Hodgson, year 6, La Houguette School

Jack trotted up to his bedroom with a waterfall of tears rapidly coming out. He catapulted himself onto his bed screaming. Just before he came up, Jack had been told by his Mum that he had to be evacuated. Morecambe, was a lovely seaside town, on the north west coast of England, or so he had been told. His decided to go and do what he wanted for his last day. Jack jumped out the window and expertly grabbed onto the rusty, metal pole. As he reached the bottom he went and got his football from underneath the dustbin where it always was. He played alone. Jack at least wanted to do something memorable on his last day so, he decided to try and beat his keepy-up record of 63.The red sky came down much quicker than he would of liked. That’s when Jack heard it. The dreaded air raid siren. Everyone came sprinting out their house running for shelter. Jack was no exception. The nearest air raid was about 400 metres away. He was now sprinting. He was there. Then, he heard a woman scream but he couldn’t quite hear what about. Jack went to ask her but feared the worst.
“My precious baby is in that building! Help somebody help!” She had tears in her eyes.
“I’ll try to get her” Jack was about to go inside when a HUGE noise went off followed by an explosion. It was the Nazis. Bits of stained glass shattered from the buildings windows. His heart was racing. Jack could see the baby now, clearly. He disappeared inside. Jack sprinted and jumped over a coffee table. Quickly, he grabbed the baby but there was roaring fire everywhere. He was completely surrounded. “Help!” his voice trailed away as the Nazis dropped one, final silent bomb……...

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The Crash

I turned on the wireless to hear that a plane had suddenly crashed down near my house . . .

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