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The Evacuation And Back

By Barton Wilkes, year 5, Elizabeth College

I was in my house having fun when my dad said “Sorry, we are being evacuated.” I was surprised and sad and while crying said “I don’t want to leave but we have to go.”
We got a car to the harbour, but when I was in the car I was thinking if I ever would go home again and if I would see my friends as well.
We went out of the car and waited in a line.
When we got to the front of the line my dad said “Hello, we are getting evacuated!”
He paid for the boat and we travelled to Wales.
On the boat, there I was, sad and I was thinking that I wasn’t going to see anyone again.
When we arrived we got driven to a hotel where I thought I was lucky that I got brought to a hotel and other people might not have got evacuated. Even if they did, they would have gone to a place worse than this hotel.
When I saw our house invaded on television I was sad and thought that I wouldn’t go home again because my house was destroyed.
My dad said, “Don’t be sad, we can stay here and be fine.”
Five years later the war ended and my dad said, “Our house has been repaired, so should we go back?”
I immediately said, "Yes," and we went back on a ferry.
On the ferry back I thought that in three hours I would be home for the first time in five years and I would be happy again.
When I got home I thought I was lucky to get back alive and I became happy. When dad said “How happy are you?”
I said, "The happiest I’ve been."
And that was my story about being evacuated!

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