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By Alisha Mourant, year 6, La Houguette School

Once on a playground on a sunny day ,a girl named Hannah was running around because that is her favourite sort of sport to do. She was playing happily until she heard Air raids going off nearby. She and the rest of the students rushed inside of the school building as fast as they could. They blacked out all of the windows and doors and squeezed up close to each other. The students sat there in silence. Hannah thought in her head ”this might mean world war two will start and we might get evacuated." Once the Air raids had passed the teachers started whispering about what to do. They finally came to their division. The teachers told us of how the war was coming closer and how the Germans were taking over some schools, so the teachers said “you"re all going to get evacuated.” The children started packing with tears in their eyes slowly dropping on their belongings. They all started wondering how their new life in England was going to be. All the kids and children started waving goodbye to their parents in tearfulness.

The children were now half way through their boat trip, already being sick, some just sea sick, missing their parents already and some, well some were excited to find out who their foster parents were going to be. Some had their grandparents; lucky them.

The children were finally there and they all got off the boat and stood into a landscape line. LOTS of parents were there. Some parents wouldn’t pick some children because they had medical problems or unhygienic problems because obviously more money. Hannah thankfully got picked and got taken to her new house which was now her home. Her foster parent was called Tony.

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