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The First Blitz

By Ollie Ferguson, year 6, La Houguette School

It was a bitter English morning on the twelfth of November 1942. I remember my long brown hair swaying in the cold wind, my friend Alice by my side. Everything was normal yet paranormal since it had been three years since the war had began.

We were at school, our teacher had just begun maths, when the thunderous roar of planes were heard and the sound that no British citizen wanted to hear, the air raid sirens! I looked to my friend. The peril in her eyes was something I never wish to witness for the rest of my days (if I had any left).

We all rushed out of the building to get to the nearest Anderson shelter. A lot of smaller kids were screaming, the teacher told them to shut up! Clearly she was quite stressed. Within three minutes we had managed to herd the smaller ones into one Anderson shelter with the teacher and we all went into another one on our own. Listening to death itself...

Only when we were certain that they had gone away did we dare carefully meander to the other shelter to see if they had got bombed. When we arrived, it was devastating to see all those young souls lost for no apparent reason maybe even for the shear joy of it! I could not bare the sight of it so I turned away with tears in my eyes and a broken soul and my friends arm over my shoulder.

Later that day, when we had gone home, the radio was telling us that we could build an Anderson shelter in our backyard so we did( just in case of an air raid at home) We also found out that this was not going to be the last blitz of London...

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