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By Joe Tempest, year 6, La Houguette School

It is 1940 the war has started. Chaos has begun, it is horrible. The Nazis were coming for Guernsey and there was nothing to do, Joe was frightened.
Joe was a boy who liked his peace, but he couldn’t have peace because the Nazis were coming. Joe’s family decided to evacuate so Joe packed his things only packing what was allowed like a sandwich and ETC.
On the boat it was horrid Joe was squished and there was puke everywhere there were some children crying, it was the living hell. There were some of Joe’s friends there they played rock paper scissors.
Joe finally arrives at England his new home it’s in a place called Sheldon town. Joe arrives and gets surprised because it seemed lovely Joe thought it would be a nightmare of a place. The lady who directed Joe gave Joe a lovely home with lovely people. The family that Joe met seemed generous because they introduced themselves and took his stuff they were the Goons Joe really liked them.
The Goons signed Joe up for school it was Hunter Primary, the teachers were good because they clapped when Joe got something correct and showed him how to do it when incorrect. When it was break, Joe played tagged along with his new friends.
When Joe walked back to the Goons house the Goons greeted him and showed their animals. Joe liked one special animal, his favourite was a pig called Jacob, he was one muddy pig!
Joe missed his family lots he really wanted to tell them about everything; how the boat was horrible; how his carers were lovely , all his new friends were so nice , about school and the lovely teachers it seemed Joe was in his element he wanted to tell them that too .

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