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By Gracie Swain, year 6, La Houguette School

I was sick, feeble, nearly dead. After the ship got bombed I was stranded by myself for weeks on this deadly island not knowing what to do. The rocks were gradually digging into my skin, the pain was unimaginable. My eyes were darting everywhere as if a tribe of deadly spiders were closing in on me, until. A vine. A long, green, slippery vine dangled in front of me. Then I looked up, a tree house, a sign of hope.
“What you up to in there?” a soft voice echoed round the house.
“I’m just thinking!" I replied.
That was Jack. He built this amazing tree house and saved my life (I will probably be in debt with him forever). The house needed desperate repairs because all the wood was peeling and forever giving us splinters. Jack is creative and always makes everything fun even stepping in poo! (it was all squishy and disgustingly gross). His hair flops delicately over his ocean blue eyes like a wave. I’m Nadia and I have to admit that some of this experience has been so fun that my house back home seems like a school. All the time I have been on this island my bond with jack has grown bigger and bigger. He is like a brother I have never had (my other brothers are atrocious). In the corner of the house lies a colossal pile of wood ready to be carefully carved into a boat, a boat to take us home……
But what would Jack do when the boat is ready. He has no loving parents left. He doesn’t have a home ever.

THAT WAS IT! He could be my new BROTHER!.........but do I even have a home to go back to? What if it has been bombed into smithereens, like Jack's ?...........

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